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Click Bait Pilsner
ClickBait Pilsner can
Click Bait Fish
ClickBait - Tempting To The Last Drop!

Don’t miss the 10 reasons you should be drinking beer every day. #7 will blow your mind, but not your wallet! This one weird trick guarantees zero weight gain from our special Pilsner. Or maybe not.

Click’s locally-sourced brew pairs well with snappy headlines and carefully-crafted graphics, and will keep you coming back for more.

It’s also guaranteed to increase engagement and encourage people to comment on which celebrity you most resemble. You may even generate a new passive income stream. Enjoy!

Styl   Pilsner

ABV   5%

IBU    45

HOPS      German Magnum / Hallertau Mittelfruh

YEASTS   Augustiner Lager

MALTS   Bohemian Pilsner / Carahell

Brewed by Holy City Brewing
I'll have another Click Bait!

– No one ever

ClickBait Pilsner
Click Bait Fish
Making Spirits Bright

Just in time for the holidays, this delightful holiday beverage is guaranteed to make your cheeks rosy. We hope that you find yourself able to withstand your uncle’s inappropriate remarks around the dinner table, or tune out the noise from your kid’s newly opened toys.

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